5 Interesting Pods used in my apps

These pods are so wonderful!

Below are 5 pods that I found really useful and helpful in my apps:

📈Charts – Lets you Create beautiful and highly customisable charts  https://github.com/danielgindi/Charts

⌨️IQKeyboardManager – Helps you Manage your keyboard & prevent issues of it sliding up & covering the UITextField / UITextView using https://github.com/hackiftekhar/IQKeyboardManager

🪑DZNEmptySet – Use this pod to Show cool messages in your table view when there is no data https://github.com/dzenbot/DZNEmptyDataSet

📝UITextView-Placeholder – Enables you to Add placeholders to your TextView easily https://github.com/devxoul/UITextView-Placeholder

🤽🏼ActionSheetPicker-3.0 – Lets you Quickly add ActionSheets on top of your existing viewController https://github.com/skywinder/ActionSheetPicker-3.0

I hope they help you code faster as well!

#theteenycode – is a quick short snippets of code that I have found useful at work. Find me on twitter

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