6 Pillars – An Introduction to the App

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing okay during these crazy times.

Last week my 2nd iOS app ‘6 Pillars‘ went live! With regard to that, I would like to give a quick context and a brief introduction to why I built it.

I have this habit of journaling my daily events. I have a book in which I make an entry on most days. There I keep track of important parts of my life – health, career, etc. The disadvantage of this approach is that it becomes difficult to go see their evolution over time. So to solve this, I did some research. I spoke to friends, read some books, watched some Youtube videos, and read some articles. I wondered if there is a framework or technique that I can use to determine my progress, or at least to see where I stand.

During the course of this research, I came across this Medium post by Paul Adams. In the post, he discusses how he manages most important parts of his life. Taking inspiration from many such articles, we built this app called ‘6 Pillars’. This app is an interpretation of how we track our Life Pillars.

6 Pillars is an app to define, track, and reflect periodically on the core pillars of your life that lead to a better version of you.

The app comes with the default 6 pillars – ‘Family, Friends, Health, Wealth, Work & Travel’. You can make an entry against these Pillars by moving the slider around. The slider allows a value between 1 & 5. You can also add suitable notes highlighting why you rated the pillars as you did. Then hit the update button. When you do that, you can see your data pictured on a radar chart.🎉

Also, the good is that you can scrub across time and see how your pillars have evolved. To see the complete notes on any day, tap the notes field to see the entire notes. In the Details section of the app, you can view all the notes for all your entries. You can also choose to see notes only for a month by using the calendar.

The Pillars mentioned in the app are the ones that I find important. You can go and change them in the Manage Pillars section to whatever represents your life best.

So in a nutshell, the app lets you :

  • Manage pillars of your life
  • Track impact across time and
  • Journal your thoughts

With this app, you will be able to visualize the Pillars and see how your life gets affected by them. You can assess sections of your life that are not getting enough attention. Then work towards them to achieve your goals and maintain balance.

We would love it if you try out the app and let us know your thoughts. 🙌🏻

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