My Next Meal – Why I built this app?

Back in 2015. Cook Today was my first app idea. It was the first ever app that I had built. But it never saw the light of the day, because I did not upload it on the App Store. 😬

Come 2020. I wanted to build the app again. And, this time, wanted to put it on the App Store too.

Coming to the part of why I built the app & how I got the idea? Well. It came from a personal pain point.

Every Saturday I would go grocery shopping, and pick up more or less the familiar set of vegetables & fish. Then, based on what I got, I would create a meal schedule for the week. I would write the days of the week as the header and then think & write down the meal for each day. I would also add notes on the prep that I had to. I tried different approaches – writing down, using Evernote, Notion.. etc. All this felt so tedious. Even though, in hindsight it feels like a simple task, it took a lot of time for me to do. It took a lot of my thinking energy.

All I wanted was a Meal Schedule based on familiar ingredients & known recipes. I knew I would not always follow the schedule to the T, but atleast I wanted to have an idea of whats there and what I can make. It felt like I could solve this problem by using an algorithm of picking up a random meal from the meal list. And I thought why not try this as an app.

So I got down to sketching the screens and the flow on a book. I wanted to be able to :

  1. Enter a list of meals I know to make/ would like to eat
  2. Be able to exclude meals on a certain day
  3. Be reminded of what my meal for that day would be depending on the prep hours required for the meal
  4. And most importantly have a meal schedule for the week to have a fair idea of what my meal preparation hours are going to be like.

That being the gist, I learned SwiftUI and created the app called – ‘My Next Meal’ πŸ₯³

My Next Meal has a simple, clean interface with iCloud sync. And, its whole purpose is to help you answer this question – ‘What should I cook today?

  • Do read this quick start blog post to know how you can quickly have the app running to create that meal schedule.✌🏽
  • If you have any questions or feedback, email us at –

Download on the App Store

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