6 Pillars

6 Pillars is an app to define, track, and reflect periodically on the core pillars of your life that lead to a better version of you.

6 Pillars

It is said that maintaining balance among Family, Friends, Health, Wealth, Work & Travel leads to a satisfied and happy life.

We interact with family & friends. We work out, try to eat healthy and take care of our health. We work hard to live comfortably. We plan our vacations and travel to gain new experiences. We work hard to ensure that all these pillars are well taken care of. But sometimes, we lose track. We get so busy with work that we forget to catch up with our friends. We get so engrossed with daily routines that we sometimes neglect our health. We give full attention to work but fail to check with our family.

So with all hustling and bustling of everyday life, sometimes, we are not able to balance all things. Now, balance need not necessarily mean giving absolutely equal importance to all of them, but, in our opinion means giving so much importance that we feel okay, we feel that it is being ‘well taken care of’.

Facing a similar problem ourselves, we wanted to be able to track important aspects of our life. We wanted to know where our attention was going and where it actually needed to go. We wanted to see their evolution over time. So we thought why not create an app for the same?

Enter 6 Pillars. With this app, you can :

Manage pillars of your life: You can use the default 6 pillars provided by the app – ‘Family, Friends, Health, Wealth, Work & Travel’, or define your own 6 pillars that you think are important and worth tracking in your life. At the end of the day, you can assign a value between 1 to 5 to each of these Pillars, with 1 being ‘needs attention’ and 5 being ‘well taken care of’.

Track impact across time: As the days pass by, you can scrub across time to get a beautiful visualisation of the evolution of the pillars and see how you are doing. You get to know which pillar of your life needs attention.

Journal your thoughts: You can add notes for each change or defining moments on your pillars. This helps you to come back later and retrospect on them if needed.

With this app, you will be able to visualise the Pillars and see how your life is impacted by them. You can assess sections of your life that are not getting enough attention and work towards them to achieve your goals and maintain balance.

I loved this Medium Post by Paul Adams which talks about the different approaches and the techniques that can be used for organising life. Taking inspiration from this post and from our own need of being able to track the core principles of our life, we built 6 Pillars.

Hope you enjoy using it, as much as we have building it. Cheers!

If you have any feedback or suggestions to make the app better please feel free to write to me:

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