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Resources – iCloud Sync

I recently had to add iCloud sync to one of my projects. Below are the list of resources that helped me. Hope they help you too. Resources explaining what CloudKit is: ☁️ Creating a Core Data Model for CloudKit: – VERY GOOD ONE Talks about how to create a CloudKit compatible model and initializingContinue reading “Resources – iCloud Sync”

StateObject vs ObservedObject

I had been reading a lot about SwiftUI’s @StateObject & @ObservedObject and found a bunch of interesting discussions on twitter. I found these discussions insightful and most importantly they are from some of the best iOS developers.

NSMutableParagraphStyle Linespacing Used in Bhagavad Gita – Swift 5

In my first app ‘Bhagavad Gita‘ I encountered this issue wherein I had to display the text nicely spaced out in a TableView (In the Settings page of the app). In one of the tutorials, I came across – NSMutableParagraphStyle. NSMutableParagraphStyle has a property called linespacing that lets you nicely space out your text! Isn’tContinue reading “NSMutableParagraphStyle Linespacing Used in Bhagavad Gita – Swift 5”

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