My Next Meal – Press Kit

Download the Press Kit here.

About My Next Meal:

My Next Meal answers the important question of ‘What should I cook today?

How does the app do it ?
  • It generates a Meal Schedule for you based on the meals you have entered,
  • Provides the option to download the generated Schedule as a .csv file and,
  • Adds Calendar events as per your created Schedule.
How does it help me ?
  • You don’t have to spend your time figuring out a meal plan,
  • The downloadable Meal Schedule file will help you do your grocery shopping easily,
  • The calendar events will make sure you don’t forget to meal prep.πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Core Features:

Hassle-free Meal Schedule creation: Enter your favourite meal names & click generate to get a nice, non-repeating meal schedule.

Day-wise meal customization: If you want to exclude the meal on specific days, weekdays or weekends, you can easily do so while saving a meal entry.

Export Meal Schedule: You can download the generated schedule as a csv to your Files, share it with family or friends and use it in your meal grocery shopping.

iCloud Sync: Β All the app data is automatically synced to all iOS devices using the same iCloud account. (For now this app works only on iPhone. Other support coming soon!)

Screenshots: Download


$1.99. (or the regional equivalent). No in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Release Date

April 5, 2021.


My Next Meal is available in all territories that the App Store supports.

About Me

I’m a solo iOS developer and this is my first SwiftUI app. I have been trying my hand at iOS development since 2019 and loving the journey so far!

You can reach me on twitter @thekavisha or through email –

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