My Next Meal

What does the app do ?

💡My Next Meal answers the important question of ‘What should I cook today?

How does the app do it ?

  • It generates a Meal Schedule for you based on the meals you have entered,
  • Provides the option to download the generated Schedule as a .csv file,
  • Adds Calendar events as per your created Schedule.

How does it help me ?

  • You don’t have to spend your time figuring out a meal plan,
  • The downloadable Meal Schedule file will help you do your grocery shopping easily, and,
  • The calendar events will make sure you don’t forget to meal prep.🙌🏽

Steps outlining the actions in the app :

1️⃣ Start by entering your main Meal Timings. Hit Done. Eg.: Breakfast at 7:00 AM.

If any of the meal category does not apply to you, you can delete or edit them later in the Settings > Edit Meal Category.

2️⃣ Once a Meal Schedule is generated, Today’s Meal Plan will get populated. For that, firstly you need to enter a meal.

To enter the meal, Click on Add Meal.

3️⃣ Hit on the + button.

4️⃣ Enter Meal information & save. You can choose to exclude this meal on weekend, weekdays or custom i.e choose particluar days.

Add as many meals you want – the more, the better. This will help in generating a nicely varied meal schedule for you.

5️⃣ Select the no. of days (n) you want the schedule to get generated.

6️⃣ Click on ‘Generate Schedule’ .

7️⃣ With this, your Meal Schedule for n days will get generated!

8️⃣ I went ahead and followed the same steps to generate Schedule for Breakfast & Dinner as well. Today’s Meal Plan will now show the meals in all category for the current day. You can view your generated schedule through the ‘Show Meal Schedule’ option.

8️⃣ Show Meal Schedule will show the generated Meal Schedule as below. You can download the generated schedule as a .csv file.

9️⃣ You can go to your ‘My Next Meal’ calendar to view the added meal events. 🎉 This will help you to remember to meal prep on time.

You can then download the generated schedule as a .csv file, and use this list during your grocery shopping so that you don’t miss any items. 🙌🏽

Built using SwiftUI, the app also offers iCloud Sync functionality so that data is available across different devices. 🙌🏽 (For now, the app only works on iPhone. Other support coming soon!)

I wrote a blog post outlining why I built this app. If you’d like, you can read it here. Hope you like the idea and have as much fun using it, as we did building it!

If you have any questions or feedback,

  • Email us at
  • Find us on twitter at @thekavisha 
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