Qwote is a quick way to share text snippets or quotes as beautifully formatted images.

Let’s assume you are reading an article and come across some interesting lines or quotes worth sharing. You want to quickly highlight those lines, add the source, format it, and share.

Using Qwote, you can achieve just that.

  • Select the quote or text and hit the ‘Share’ option once highlighted
Select text
  • From the Share sheet that pops up, navigate to the ‘More’ option.
  • Select the Qwote app (you have to do this the first time only) and add it to your favorites so that it is easier to access the next time 😬
Open Share
  • You will get an editor inside the Qwote app with your selected text pre-filled. Here you can Change Font, Background Color or the Shape of the card to either Square or Rectangle
  • Add Source if needed and hit ‘Next’
  • Then click ‘Share Qwote’ to share your beautifully formatted card on social networks πŸ™ŒπŸ»

If you want, you can save it as an image using the Download option to share later.

You can find all your Shared and Saved quotes on the Qwote app.

If you want to add your own quote, click on the ‘+’ button. This opens an editor allowing you to write/paste and format quotes.

With the ‘Qwote Plus’ feature, you will be able to change fonts & background colours. You can also remove the Qwote watermark to have a clean minimal card.🀸🏽

Hope you like the idea and have as much fun using it, as we did building it! Do check it out here.

If you have any questions or feedback,

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